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Defence Ipswich Supply Chain Opportunities Symposium 2019

Tuesday, November 12, 2019 8:55 AM | Carl Quarterman (Administrator)

What a fantastic Event!!  

The Ipswich City Council has gone above and beyond to attract Defence Primes and Industry to a Symposium which was one of a kind

The facts and figures:

  1. 154 Event participants, plus presenters, sponsors etc. 211 in total.
  2. more than 70% of the attendees were Small, Medium, and Micro enterprises. 
  3. conference included attendees from interstate and around the world. 
  4. 20% of attendees were from Ipswich and the surrounding suburbs.
  5. Facilitated in more that 235 Business to Business (B2B) meetings. 

The Ipswich City Council event, organised by AIDN-Qld is part of the continued effort by the Ipswich City council to deliver the "City of Ipswich Defence Ipswich Action Plan 2018-2023".  This action plan is supported by the City of Ipswich Defence Industry Development and Attraction Committee (CIDIDIAC).  Local Government has a direct level opportunity to identify businesses that have the potential to become the next generation Defence Ready suppliers.  Industry Associations like AIDN can provide the network for these businesses to find opportunities to collaborate and complement each other.

Judy Denison who spoke at the event on behalf of the CDIC said:  "It's really unique for a City Council to be putting on an event like this bringing Industry together to promote, develop, and assist with looking for opportunities in Defence. I commend Ipswich City Council on the format and I believe everyone will have gained something from the event."

With regards to the B2B sessions, one Business Development Manager at the event was overheard saying to Tamanna Monem from the Ipswich City Council, "it would take me 4 months on the road to meet with the number of businesses I've met in this one afternoon".  Others were heard to have benefited from the B2B session with Primes as its something that can take months to get access to a Face to Face meeting.

Carl Quarterman AIDN-Queensland President said "The presenters were all great, the passionate speakers could easily spend hours talking about the topics discussed so to have them all on point with the limited time available was excellent.  It was also great to get so many of these businesses networking together and looking for collaboration opportunities."

Nick Green from PFI a business which is actively chasing work in the Space Sector and promoting STEM Activities and skilling was quoted as saying "By far the best conferencing event globally that I've been to the B2B sessions were excellent."  Others also echoed this sentiment agreeing that it was well run, and the Primes were happy with the way the B2B sessions ran.

The event was followed up on Saturday by a facility Tour of Frontline Manufacturing who have recently opened their new high tech CNC metal cutting and welding facility in Meadowbrook.

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